Supervisor de producción

Departamento : Producción

Ciudad : Lagos de Moreno

Summary of responsibilities:

The Production supervisor is responsible for overseeing the production activities for the front line including machining, and final assembly. He acts as guardian of TS16949 and ISO14001 standards. He is also dealing with all business departments. He will also perform all other tasks related to his position.

Specific responsibilities


Manage production activities for the front line (machining – assembly :

  • Keeps track of the efficiency of production, maintenance operations for his sector and analyzes the daily performance.
  • Supervise the production team and a technical assistant.
  • Acts on the occasion as host for the daily meeting and monitors production.
  • Manages the action lists for the front line with the technical assistant.
  • Manages priorities, plans and organises work according to production planning.
  • Supports group leaders and team leader with operations management and priorities.
  • Ensures proper monitoring of production quality and deviations (contain, identify and communicate) to managers.
  • Ensures the application of the Quality Policy.
  • Participates in the development of new products.
  • Contributes to problem resolution :
    • Assist in the development of tools for problem resolution.
    • Leads work groups when issues.
  • Insure the quality of work.
  • Acts as a resource in various continuous improvement projects.
  • Provides technical support to operations.


  • Ensures that departments produce within established standards.
  • Closes nonconformities (8D).
  • Manage deviations in partnership with resources.
  • Ensures on-time delivery between departments and customers.

 STAFF MANAGEMENT• Directs and supports team members.

  • Applies the collective agreement
  • Manages disciplinary cases and deviant behavior and communicates with the operational team.
  • Conducts employee annual evaluations.
  • Leads the team meetings.
  • Participate in the recruitment process.
  • Participate in the monitoring and the integration of new employees.
  • Creates a good team spirit within the group.
  • Provides his team with the development needed and sees that they are met.


  • Ensures respect and compliance to the standards, plant regulations and health and safety regulations.
  • Acts as an active member of the OHS Committee (attends meetings and participates in internal audits).
  • Follows the actions, provides communication to employees, and educates employees to OSH aspects.


  • Directs various continuous improvement projects.
  • Acts as responsible for development (monitoring) of special activities
  • Acts as an internal trainer conducts meetings.
  • Member of the steering committee.

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