Why Raufoss

Raufoss, a division of Neuman Aluminium, an Austrian based company, is renowned for its design, development and fabrication of aluminium components for automobile chassis. Raufoss is an internationally recognized leader in the automobile industry for its quality products and innovative technology.

  • International

    With our four plants around the world we can offer many challenging careers opportunities.

  • Strong R&D

    At Raufoss we develop all of our products and fabrication processes. We strive at offering the most innovative solutions to our customers.

  • State of the art automation

    Our manufacturing plants are highly automated and we are in process to be part of Industry 4.0, the next industrial revolution.

  • Our Values

    We believe that our values will promote our culture and contribute to the development of our employees.

Job title Department City Application due
Manual operator Production Boisbriand 2020-10-16 Details
Maintenance and automation Technician Maintenance Boisbriand 2020-10-23 Details
Electro-mechanic Maintenance Boisbriand 2020-10-16 Details
Logistics Analyst (External) Operations Lagos de Moreno 2018-03-31 Details


As a growing international group, we offer qualified applicants a variety of interesting and forward-looking career opportunities. We are constantly working with different technologies and are therefore looking for motivated employees with different strengths and qualifications.

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